Special Effects

Glitter cards

Add a touch of sparkle (or bling if you prefer) to your cards with our glitter finish range. These cards are very popular with companies wishing to display a bit of glitz & glamour, for example the Nightclub and Hair & Beauty industries. Available in glitter black, gold, silver and purple. They can be printed in up to 3 colours to both sides. (Not available with full colour print)

Fluorescent Colour Cards

These are the plastic card equivalent of the hi-viz jacket, but slightly more fashionable! They are so bright it has been rumoured they can be seen from space on a clear day. (ok slight exaggeration, but we’re sure you get the message). Suitable for anyone with outrageous taste and a desperate need to be different. Available in Pink, green and orange.


Our holofoil will add a certain style and prestige to your card that will get it noticed and help to promote your business or organisation. Available in silver or gold, this unique effect will enable you to see the multicoloured effect as you see with a true hologram when the card is turned. A 3-d effect can be simulated when holofoil is combined with another metallic colour. You can use holofoil with any of our card types. It is normally used to feature a logo or words that need to attract attention. It is popular on gift cards as it adds a perceived value to the card.

Watermark effect on Clear Frosted Cards

A unique addition to our clear frosted cards is a clear gloss print which gives the impression of a watermark. If printed on the front it appears as a gloss image. If printed on the reverse and viewed from the front it appears as a more subtle background image. Whichever way you choose it can add a little extra style to these unique cards, for a surprisingly low cost. More details on frosted cards…

Matt black cards with gloss black overprint

Our matt black cards portray a contemporary style. This can be further enhanced by the addition of a gloss black image which gently contrasts against the matt black plastic. The gloss image can be wording or a logo, which can be further complemented by any small text which would normally print in white or silver. More details on matt black cards…

Metallic or gloss foil overprint on full colour cards

The hot foil print process is a traditional print method which has been used for many years to create metallic text and images that cannot be produced using inks. More recently this process has also been used to print in high gloss. Both these options can be very effective when overprinted onto a full colour plastic card. We can overprint in gold or silver to enhance the look of a card. For example the words ‘Privilege Card’, VIP Card, or ‘Gold Card’ printed in a metallic gold can add a look of prestige to your card. The foil process can also produce a gloss on matt card which looks very effective. More details on full colour cards…


To add the the perceived value of your cards they can be personalised with raised names, numbers etc. as they are on credit cards. Embossing is only available on 760 micron thickness cards. Embossed characters may be coloured in black, silver or gold. Embossing is not suitable for all card types.

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