Plastic Loyalty Cards

Increase sales by encouraging repeat business

Plastic Loyalty Card Printing

The main objective of a loyalty card is to increase sales by encouraging repeat business. Surveys have shown that to increase sales to existing customers is far easier and more cost effective than attracting new ones. A quality plastic loyalty card is a tried and tested method of building brand loyalty and creating customer goodwill.

Our staff have many years experience with loyalty card schemes and can offer sound advice on choosing the right card to suit your needs.

Loyalty card, privilege card or discount card?

Plastic loyalty cards
A loyalty card scheme can be as simple or detailed as you require, from simply offering a free product or service after a certain number of visits/purchases, to a points based system involving bespoke software and swipe cards. We are happy to liaise with your epos system providers to ensure we provide cards compatible with your set up.

Plastic privilege cards
This is normally a card issued to preferred customer that will entitle them to special benefits. These benefits may be printed on the card or, if they change from time to time you could simply entitle the card holder to qualify for all current special offers on production of their privilege cards. This will also give you the opportunity to collect the car holder email address and keep in touch with them regularly with the latest offers.

Plastic discount cards
Probably the simplest of the 3 options. A discount card would normally entitle the holder to a specific discount as printed on the card. A simple but effective way of encouraging customer loyalty.

A range of plastic card types

At Plastic Card Impressions we have never operated a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and recommend a card type to suit you. There are various card types to choose from including the following:

We also offer biodegradable options on some of our card types.

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