Latest News on Plastic Cards

  • Posted on 13 November 2014
  • Written by: Plastic Card Impressions

Plastic business cards are continuing to be the card of choice for many companies. In today’s difficult economic climate it pays to stand out from the crowd. With a quality plastic business card, the perceived value makes it much more likely that the recipient will keep hold of it. For those wanting something really different and contemporary our clear frosted cards or black cards are usually the cards of choice.

Plastic Loyalty and Privilege Cards

Plastic loyalty and privilege cards are still a popular choice for companies looking for ways of gaining repeat business. With fierce competition in most markets it can be an opportunity to create goodwill and hopefully repeat orders, not to mention showing the customer that you appreciate their business and would like to see them again soon!

Plastic Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards are rapidly replacing paper gift vouchers for many companies. You only have to see the displays of a variety of gift cards in the major supermarkets these days to see just how popular they are. Smaller shops and businesses are now getting in on the act as the idea catches on. Here at Primecard we have the ability to create very striking gift cards including metallic and holofoil designs.

Colour Plastic Cards

We continue to offer great prices and delivery times. Most of our prices on full colour plastic cards are lower than they were this time last year, and don’t forget with full colour you will receive an actual proof plastic card before full production. This is one of the benefits of cards being printed in the UK. Despatch times on most card types are usually from 5-7 working days from proof approval. An express service (3-5 days) is also offered at certain times.

Plastic Key Fob & QR Code Cards

The 2 main new trends this year so far have been the printing of plastic key fob cards and the inclusion of QR codes in the card design (for those unfamiliar with QR codes, these are the strange looking square codes that have started appearing on press Ads, posters, shop displays etc. – they can be scanned by most of the latest mobile phones and create a link direct to a web page). Any offers or information relevant to the card holder can then be added to the web page at regular intervals. The card holder can then be instantly updated when they wish, preferable to being bombarded with email marketing.

Plastic key fob cards are becoming very popular. More and more companies are seeing the benefits of having a card which is close to the holder most of the time. They are so much easier for the user to find than having to search through a selection of cards in a purse or wallet. They are especially popular with the motor trade, nightclubs & bars, gyms and estate agents. Their many uses include plastic loyalty/discount cards, important contact number cards, even membership cards.

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