Standard Card Colours

These colour swatches are provided as a guide only. The final colour of cards and print can vary slightly from time to time. We are happy to provide samples of any colours on request.

Pantone numbers are shown to act as a reference to those familiar with the Pantone colour system and not to indicate the exact colour.

All of these colours have a gloss finish unless otherwise specified.

Neutral Cards (gloss unless specified)

Black (Silk or Gloss)

Yellows/Orange Cards (gloss unless specified)

YellowPantone: Yellow C
OrangePantone: 021 C

Reds/Pink Cards (gloss unless specified)

PinkPantone: 707 C
RedPantone: 200 C
BurgundyPantone: 209 C

Blues/Greens (gloss unless specified)

Light BluePantone: 2985 C
Mid BluePantone: 293 C
Dark BluePantone: 281 C
Mid GreenPantone: 348 C

Fluorescent Cards (gloss unless specified)

The card colours below are subject to extra cost

Fluorescent Pink
Fluorescent Green
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Yellow