Print Colour Chart

These colour swatches are provided as a guide only. Print colours can vary slightly, depending on the card colours used. We are happy to provide samples on request.

Ivory (K852)Pantone: 7506 C
Light Grey (G950)Pantone: 7543 C
Grey (K857)Pantone: 424 C
Dark Grey (K823)Pantone: 432 C
Red (Y6400)Pantone: 186 C
Red (K865)Pantone: 200 C
Burgundy (K821)Pantone: 209 C
Red (K862)Pantone: Warm Red C
Yellow (K880)Pantone: Yellow C
Yellow (K879)Pantone: 116 C
Orange (K861)Pantone: 021 C
Brown (K869)Pantone: 4625 C
Green (K875)Pantone: 347 C
Dark Green (K876)Pantone: 357 C
Light Blue (Y3000)Pantone: 291 C
Blue (K802)Pantone: Process Blue C
Blue (K831)Pantone: 285 C
Turquoise (K801)Pantone: 3145 C
Blue (G105)Pantone: 072 C
Blue (K825)Pantone: 653 C
Dark Blue (K817)Pantone: 289 C
Lilac (Y6750)Pantone: 2645 C
Purple (K837)Pantone: 2613 C
Pink (Y6200)Pantone: 183 C
Matt Magenta (K960)Pantone: Process Magenta C


Our metallic print colours are highly reflective colours. The pantone number shown is only intended as a guide. Colour samples can be provided if required

Matt SilverPantone: 877 C
Metallic Silver
Holofoil Silver
Matt GoldPantone: 871 C
Metallic Gold
Holofoil Gold
Metallic RedPantone: 200 C
Metallic Light BluePantone: 645 C
Metallic Dark BluePantone: 286 C
Metallic GreenPantone: 347 C
Metallic PinkPantone: 240 C
Metallic CopperPantone: 471 C
Metallic PurplePantone: 267 C
Metallic TurquoisePantone: 321 C